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SG Equipment Sales & Services (M) Sdn Bhd is the leading Malaysia forklift Supplier , forlift specialist. We represents some of the world's most recognized names in material handling equipment and products, including Toyota, Nissan, Nichiyu, TCM, Komatsu, BT, Eurolifter, Tokai, Chloride and GS Yuasa. We are Malaysia forklift supplier and forklift rental supplier that provide reconditioned forklifts rental, reach truck rental, hand pallet trucks and many more.


Forklift (also called a lift truck, a high/low, a stacker-truck, trailer loader, sideloader, fork truck, tow-motor or a fork hoist) is a powered industrial truck used to lift and transport materials. Forklifts are used to engage, lift and transfer palletized loads in material handling, warehousing, manufacturing, and construction applications. There are three basic types: manual drive, motorized drive, and fork truck. There are five classes of forklifts. Class I forklifts are electric-motor rider trucks. Class II forklifts are electric-motor trucks for narrow aisle or inventory stock/order picking applications. Class III forklifts are electric-motor trucks. Class IV forklifts are rider fork trucks. Class V forklifts are rider fork trucks. They are supplied with electric or internal combustion engines. With manual-drive forklifts, the load movement or travel is manually powered or walk-behind. Motorized-drive forklifts have a motorized drive and, in many cases, a protected cab or seat for the driver. Forklifts are also motorized, but include features such as cabs and backup alarms. Some forklifts are counterbalanced to prevent the vehicle from overturning. Others include hand rails, safety rails, or a rotating element such as a turntable. Truck-mounted forklifts are mounted or mountable on the back or bed of a utility truck. These vehicles include truck-included packages as well as lifts that are sold independently for subsequent mounting.
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